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There's so much to learn about science communication that we share with each other informally, but often fail to write down. These are my "unwritten" rules for science communication. Enjoy!


I love helping smart people share what they know with the world, whether it’s releasing research, delivering Congressional testimony, or prepping a scientist for The Colbert Report.

This page has links to all the online science communication resources I’m building. If you have ideas for what to add to the list, let me know. I’m also happy to talk about communication needs you or your institution might have, such as running workshops, developing a science communication strategy, or conducting public engagement campaigns.

Note: I’ve put posts that are from other people or housed on other sites in italics.


Topic Media Posts
Thinking about audiences in science communication Video (6:00) Post 
Understanding framing Video (8:29) Post

Developing main messages

Topic Media Posts
Working with main messages and soundbites Video (4:43) Post
Working with a basic message template Video(4:53) Post
Working with a decision-focused message template Video (4:00) Post
Working with COMPASS’s template (by Sarah Myhre) Video (1:29) Post
Shaping and reshaping messages over time Video (2:53) Post
Beyond message templates (feat. Randy Olson) Video (1:24) Post

Working with the media

Topic Media Posts
Working with main messages and soundbites Video (4:43) Post
Before an interview Video (5:40) E-book
During an interview Video (2:33) E-book
Things to watch out for Video (5:59) E-book 
How Paul Offit Nails a High-Stakes Interview Video (6:49)  
Critical questions: Gavin Schmidt talks climate on FBN Video (8:54)  
Following up after an interview Video (6:59) E-book
Responsibly correcting mistakes   Post 
Writing Newsworthy Press Releases   Post 

Public talks and slideshows

Topic Media Posts
Principles for better slideshows Video (1:41)  
-Destroy your template, reclaim some slide real-estate Video (1:30)  
-Creating stronger opening and closing slides Video (2:26)  
-Kill the collage and fill up each slide Video (2:26)  
-Animating a complex chart Video (6:52)  

The fun stuff

Topic Media Posts
Accurately conveying uncertainty and confidence levels Video (3:53)  
Finding your advocacy comfort zone (Sigma Xi post)   Post
Overcoming stereotypes about scientists Video (7:10) Post
Science-citizenship on contentious issues (Undark op-ed)   Post
Focusing on the public service science provides (Undark op-ed)   Post
Building trust between scientists and communications staff Video (3:49) Post
Constructively dealing with trolls   Post

Pending topics (suggestions welcome!)

  • Crafting effective science press releases
  • Press release tics and tactics to avoid
  • Writing and pitching opinion pieces
  • How to find and contact journalists (w/o being annoying!)
  • Figuring out which policymakers to contact
  • Considering the emotional content of your messages
  • Correcting inaccuracies when they’re your fault
  • Creating briefing books