Events and Hosting

Public events are how we build shared experiences and advance dialogues around the issues we care about. They can also be a ton of fun!


Connecting in Person is the Most Powerful Way We Communicate

Panel discussion at the Building Musuem

Presenting at Nerd Nite DC

Public events are how we build shared experiences in science communication. I get a major kick out of my work on this front, too, because creating a successful event is just FUN - for speakers, attendees and host organizations.

I’ve run and contributed to a lot of different science communication events over the years, ranging from building out a candidate training for scientists, running Nerd Nite DC – a nightlife series featuring educational slideshows in a nightclub setting – and moderating panel discussions, including for the National Building Museum and 314 Action.

Working on a candidate training for 314 Action

Living and working in Washington, DC means I can pull together resources quickly and deeply to make your event in our nation’s capital a success, including:

Identifying audiences, goals and marketing strategies to reach them.

Building meeting agendas that work for the media and stakeholders.

Securing locations and locking down logistics.

Driving attendance through direct marketing, partnerships and advertising.

Identifying, screening and selecting speakers.

Coaching and prepping speakers and crafting presentations.

Moderating panel discussions to foster conversation and audience participation.

Events are What We Remember

Organizations tend to throw just a few public events a year and they can make or break relationships with important stakeholders. Crafting public events is a lot of science, like locking down the logistics and identifying strategic goals, but it's also a lot of art, including testing ideas against an intuitive sense of how the room will respond to speakers and presentations. I've been the one up on stage hundreds of times and I've been in the audience for many more. I want to use my expertise to help organizations push themselves to put on better and better events for their members and the public.

A few words from one of my favorite collaborators!

Cat AboudaraFranklin Institute, Smithsonian Institution

I've worked with scientists in a museum setting for more than fifteen years and it’s so exciting to see how the realm of science communication has evolved in that time span. While scientists often want to lead with their data, we know that people need narrative to understand why the data matter. Aaron is one of those people who can work with scientists to bridge the narrative gap in ways that are accurate and effective for audiences. He is a joy to work with on Nerd Nite and a kindred spirit when it comes to championing science communication. As the more extroverted member of our team, he emcees our events and makes sure our speakers, partners, guests and audience members feel welcome and enriched. He is remarkably skilled at creating a friendly and approachable setting for all of us to geek out about science together!