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Strategic consulting on science communication, policymaking and civic engagement.
Aaron HuertasScience Communicator

I’ve been helping scientists and their institutions share their research and tell their stories for more than 10 years. That work feels more important than ever. Whether it's talking to the media, testifying before policymakers or marching for science, researchers are realizing that civic and political engagement can and must be part of their mission.

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Speaking Out Against Jordan Peterson in DC
Earlier today, I joined fellow civil rights supporters in speaking out against Jordan Peterson. I'm one of many writers who[...]
Responding to Roger Pielke Jr. Misrepresenting My Employment History
Update September 4 2018: Roger finally acknowledged that I've never had any paid or unpaid relationship with any organization involving any[...]
Correcting Misinformation About Me and My Work at Science 2.0
Update 4/24/18 - Looks like the misinformation about me at Science 2.0 was deleted. Included an updated screenshot below. No[...]
A letter to the CDC’s CAPT William R. Mac Kenzie, MD regarding banned words, censorship and scientific integrity
The Post is reporting on a list of seven "banned" words at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),[...]
Here’s What the New America Foundation Should Have Said About the Google Story
The New America Foundation, a prominent think tank in DC, is facing scrutiny over its decision to sever ties with[...]
When Integrity-checking is More Important than Fact-checking: More Bad Faith from Bret Stephens
Yesterday, I posted a quick series of Tweets in response to Bret Stephens's latest climate column for the New York[...]